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The internet has provided a platform for people to maintain a personal journal. You can express your thoughts, feelings, experiences, passion through blogs. Blogs have given people an outlet to express themselves. Anyone can start a blog of their own, or they can contribute their blogs to someone else’s blog site. That is if the owner of the blog site is ready to allow others to contribute. WordPress was one of the first organization’s to recognize this passion for people to write blogs. They decided to encourage and help people to start their blog sites, and they still promote this. Although WordPress is being used to create other websites, it remains the world leader in helping people setup, run and manage their blog sites.

If you want to get information on blogs related to a particular subject you will need a blog finder. The Internet has allowed thousands of people to set up and operated their blog sites. Bloggers can be loners or work in groups. A blogger may start a blog site on his or her favorite topic and allow people to post their comments on it. Other bloggers may get interested and ask to be allowed to write blogs on the same site. It’s up to the blog site owner if he or she grants permission and forms a blogging group.